Meet the "Hot Johnny" The drink that hurts AND dulls the pain at the same time!

This is the spicy cousin to the original "Johnny Cat", quite possibly the my favorite cocktail in the world.  It checks all the boxes...sweet, strong, lemony, gingery, and cold  All we did was substitute Tree Heat for regular maple and now it's spicy too!
  • 2 half moon slices of lemon
  • 2-3 pieces of candied ginger
  • 1 Tablespoon Tree Heat, or masochist!
  • 3 oz bourbon


  • In a rocks glass, muddle lemon, ginger, and Tree Heat.
  • Fill glass with ice.
  • Fill glass to the top with your favorite bourbon.
  • Shake vigorously, pour back into glass.
  • Play "Drinks" by the legendary Prince Paul.
  • Repeat the process until you start ranting like the dude in the song!